Saves on resources, lasts longer

With the new TRIBUpasteur, we provide you with a simple, resource-saving solution which will guarantee a longer shelf-life for your cooked and vacuum-packed products. The sophisticated heating and cooling processes of our system kills pathogenic bacteria with absolute reliability, without altering the taste or consistency of the product. The result? A longer shelf life.

Less effort, less energy

The pasteurisation system features a 1,500-litre heating and cooling tank. Given the large quantity of water, the temperatures within the tank remain constant and the heating and cooling times are short.

The capacity depends on the product treatment time. Example: Frankfurter 250g pack

  • Capacity 800Kg/h
  • Processing time 8 min heating and 8 min cooling  

How the pasteuriser works

The packed sausage products are guided directly from the thermoforming machine to the system via the metal detector and the checkweigher. Each pack is collected into batches, which are then delivered to the pasteurisation system. Products which are not to be pasteurised are guided accordingly along the conveyor belt. The line features two identical stations, one for heating and one for cooling.

Ideally, the pasteurisation system should be installed at the end of a packaging line.

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