Perfect teamwork, top quality – that’s Tribus

Alexander Rinner, Rinner Speck, Laces (Alto Adige/Italia)

The Rinner village butcher’s shop in Latch was founded in 1955. When son Alexander joined the family business in the 1980s, he had a clear vision for his future career: Fascinated by the production of speck (cured, lightly smoked leg of pork) and smoked foods, he recognised the immense potential which this sector held for the growth of the company. Even at that time, Tribus supplied machinery for speck production. “Tribus have always been a skilled partner and have always understood our request and found solutions to them,” Rinner recalls. He passed on his love of speck production to his son Max, who is production manager today. And with him, the company has succeeded in blending tried-and-tested tradition with the very latest in production technology.

In 2019, a new, larger production premises was built. “It was evident to us that we would, once again, entrust Tribus with building our maturing and smoking chambers, and also for our new speck presses, cutting and washing equipment,” says Alexander. Tribus was involved in the construction of the new production plant right from the initial planning stage. “It was perfect teamwork, from designing the systems through to installation. Top quality, custom-designed equipment and an open ear for our every request. We are extremely satisfied with the results, and production in our new premises is optimal,” says Alexander Rinner, as he looks to the future with optimism.

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The best product needs the best equipment

Nadine Raich, Raich Speck, Parcines/Tell (Alto Adige/Italia)

Raich-Speck from Plaus is a small yet superb family company. Together with his daughter Nadine, Erwin Raich produces South Tyrolean speck as tradition dictates. From the selection of meat cuts for his production through to monitoring the aging process, the boss is involved every step of the way. “We produce the highest quality of speck, and we demand likewise from our suppliers. That’s why we never compromise when it comes to equipping our smoking and aging chambers, and place our trust in Tribus,” says Nadine Raich, junior manager of the Vinschgau meat and sausage manufacturer.

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Safety in the production and seasoning process

Thomas and Joachim Schmid, Schmid Speck, Plaus (Alto Adige/Italia)

Schmid Speck is a family company from Plaus in Vinschgau. Brothers Thomas and Joachim Schmid run the company, the latter of whom is responsible for production. “Every company has its own speck recipe, and we are no different,” he says, speaking of the experience and tradition that have resulted from their father and grandfather’s decades of work in the speck and meat-processing field. At Schmid Speck, the speck is first smoked and aged in abundant mountain air. “The curing process in particularly must be monitored constantly. The right temperature and fresh air supply are vital factors. With Tribus systems, we are always on the safe side.” 

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