For juicy fillets, full-flavoured salami and the finest of cured meats: Tribus provide the perfect custom-designed solution for optimal preparation and handling of all types of meat. Our spectrum ranges from cold chambers through to cold drying, maturing and curing chambers and smoke chambers.

Our TRIBUcell maturing chambers and TRIBUsmoke chambers are customised products that we manufacture to order: We design, construct and equip smoke chambers, maturing rooms and cold-drying systems in all sizes, fully customised to your requests and requirements.

With our decades of experience in artisan and industrial-scale meat processing, we are in a position to obtain optimal results for your premises and products. In selecting our materials and technology, we place our trust only in the highest of quality.

We can adapt our control processes to all of your requirements in order to provide you with optimal user friendless.

Process flows can be controlled centrally and monitored throughout every phase of production. This gives you complete control over your product at all times.

And if you ever require assistance, we can solve your problems or carry out adaptations via a sophisticated remote monitoring system.

TRIBUcell and TRIBUsmoke – cured to perfection

Maturing chambers

  • Our sophisticated ventilation technology guarantees outstanding, uniform maturing 
  • In-house production, from design through to completion. This enables us to optimise structural conditions to the full. 
  • All areas are accessible, allowing the operator to check for dirt and monitor rinse results. 
  • Optional: Automatic rinse system.

Homogenous air distribution

Performance and design individually adapted

Our smoking machinery guarantees optimal drying and maturing.

Alex Tribus

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