For cleanliness and hygiene

Our wash system for products and crates meets the highest of standards and has been designed in compliance with the most exacting of hygiene guidelines.

Our systems are made in top-quality stainless steel and have been designed to save on resources. With their efficient filter system, consumption of fresh water is kept to a minimum. Compact in size and easy to use and clean, it eases everyday work considerably.


Removable protective cover for ease of cleaning of the machine 

Double-filter system: dirty water is cleaned and reused 

TRIBUwash Combi

Multi-purpose, effective, efficient

The TRIBUwash dual-purpose cured meat washer removes mould from cured products and can also be used to clean a variety of containers. Its large water tank and dual filter system provide savings on both water and energy. It is extremely simple and intuitive to operate.

Uncompromising hygiene guarantee, with less water consumption.

Lukas Tribus

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