Specialised stainless-steel processing

We have been operative in the top-quality processing of stainless steel for meat-processing facilities for around 35 years now, and are delighted to place our experience and expertise at the disposal of our customers. With our state-of-the art machinery, we are in a position to fulfil practically all and every customer request.

3D waterjet cutter

The cutting of simple, two-dimensional shapes is the easiest task we carry out; with our 3D cutting head, we can also process complex parts in a wide range of materials using 3D waterjet cutting technology. Our ultra-modern 3D waterjet cutting machine enables us to produce highly complex models and 3D forms up to a size of 2000 x 4000mm.

This method eliminates the need for a post-processing phase, thus providing savings in time and money.

Welding robot

Our welding robot is designed for both TIG and MAG welding. For smaller pieces, the working area of 6,000 mm, can be sub-divided into two working areas, each of 3,000 mm. This allows us to increase our productivity considerably. Optimisation of space leads to a corresponding optimisation of costs.


Using our 5-axis CNC press-brake machine, we bend stainless steel sheets of up to 4m in length cleanly, quickly and precisely and, in a short period of time, can also bend more complex shapes. We can define the radius and angle of pieces with pinpoint precision, enabling us to optimise our planning and replicate the stainless-steel bending procedure with ease, even in particularly complex situations.

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