The perfect shape, at lightning speed

Our new TRIBUform through-feed press is ideal for shaping boned, fresh or cured meat at lightning speed and with absolute accuracy. The meat can then be transferred to the press rack moulds. The product is fed into the machine along a conveyor belt, cut to the predefined size from the side, and pressed from above. The press moulds can be quickly and easily adjusted to the dimensions you require and are individually manufactured to customer request.

Preparing for perfect maturation

In order to ensure that meat juices do not escape from the meat surface during pressing, the TRIBUform through-feed press can also be fitted with a drying station. This machine can be integrated into a production line.

Product features

  • Robust construction
  • Variable forming pressure
  • Variable press-mould dimensions
  • Quick and easy to clean and operate
  • Uniform product size
  • Optimal hygiene levels


Additional equipment

  • Drying station
  • Spice sprinkler
  • Conveyor belt
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